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Cinematographer Tel Aviv

Why Hire a Cinematographer in Tel Aviv?

Making movies in Israel can be challenging for film companies based outside the country. It's expensive to bring in crews from overseas, and there is a lot of bureaucracy involved, as well. All of this can be skipped by hiring locally for all filming done within the country. Even better, you can get the services of an award-winning cinematographer and director when you do so.

Dror Lebendiger is a cinematographer in Tel Aviv with over 20 movies, documentaries, and TV episodes to his name.

When you hire him, you don't just get "a local," you get an expert. You can rest assured that his creations will be excellent.

Since Lebendiger is a cinematographer in Tel Aviv, he can also gather the right talent for any needed crews. This speeds up filming and prevents hassles. When you want to have a movie shot in Israel, call Dror Lebendiger.

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