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David Ofek
Award Winning Director, Israel

David Ofek is an acclaimed director and considered one of the top filmmakers in Israel. David directs documentaries, TV dramas, and featured films. He has won more than a dozen international awards for his work.

"​​I have worked with Dror on many films since 2006 and have seen the tenacity of his work under tough circumstances and making it look amazingly beautiful, unique, and cinematic. Dror is a very nice and easy-going person. I have highly recommended him as a director of photography to my colleagues".

Anat Zuria
Award Winning Documentary Film Director, Israel

"I have been working with Dror in the last 10 years. I must say that Dror is my absolutely favorite DOP. He is amazingly talented and professional. I really recommend him!"

Alex Weresow
Emmy Award Winning Director

"Dror shot the Israeli chapter of the Documentary "Perfect World: A Deadly Game", which aired on NBC Peacock in 2022. I have to say, so far, the stuff Dror shot is my favorite stuff in the show, the interview looks lovely. Great job! And thank them so much".

Julie MacDonald, Managing Director, Clanmac Media Ltd, UK

"Shooting a corporate film for AstraZeneca and working with Dror has been an absolute pleasure. Under tight timescales and with a very scant brief, Dror carefully planned and executed a challenging shoot, filming sensitively and beautifully the stories of patients fighting pancreatic cancer. Hand holding the clients and working with the hospital staff and patients on location, Dror delivered a series of powerful interviews, allowing these patients to tell their stories. I can't recommend Dror enough".

Adam Paris, Marketing &Business Executive, UK

"We recently produced a short film series about the second generation of the world’s richest people. We shoot internationally and have used different local crews for each project. In Israel, we hired Dror, and I can say that I felt most comfortable in his hands. He was professional, courteous, creative, and easy-going. He is the favorite DOP we’ve worked with, and I’m delighted to recommend him for all production needs".

Ironbound Films, NY
Jeremy Newberger, CEO

"Over the last 15 years, we have used Dror as our DOP and representative in Israel. We shot a documentary for Cisco, currently manufacturing a bra that detects breast cancer. We also shot a documentary about American Jewish baseball players visiting Israel for the first time and connecting with their Jewish roots. We felt very safe in the hands of Dror. He is very professional and reliable. We still collaborate with him in 2022".

ARTE - Wendla Nolle,
Berlin-based Award Winning Commercial & Documentary Director, Germany

"Arte's documentary about Israeli Nadav Lapid’s film "Synonyms" won the Golden Bear award at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival in February 2019. Dror was my cinematographer; he helped me find a great film crew in Israel, supplied me with gear and a vehicle, and was helpful in all aspects of production. I was very happy with his service and his communication. He was very efficient, professional, pleasant and reliable. I would be very happy to collaborate with him again. Dror’s visual style is absolutely beautiful and creative, and he is very sensitive to what happens in front of the camera".

 Avanti Pictures, Mexico
Jack Sagha, CEO

"I have known Dror from our film school days in Los Angeles.

Dror is an amazingly talented and very devoted human being. He has great knowledge in film history, art and philosophy but above all he is a true collaborative. I honestly recommend Dror as your cinematographer for your next project".

Gabriel Mueller, Content Creator & Multimedia Expert

"You’re one of the kindest and most professional cinematographer I’ve worked with!

Thanks for the patience and quality of work".

Shula Spiegel
Producer ("Tehran", Apple TV)

"The materials you shot for “Motel” are perfect. Your work is absolutely wonderful and we are very pleased. Well done!"

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