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Israel Director of Photography

Are You Looking for an Israeli Director of Photography?

If you intend to make a movie or commercial in Israel, it is good sense to hire a director of photography who lives in the country. With an Israeli director of photography at the head of the project, you won't have to worry about getting a visa for this critical member of your team. Even more importantly, you'll have someone who understands the local culture and language, and who knows who is worth hiring to fill out the team.

Dror Lebendiger is an award-winning Isreali director of photography who is based in Tel Aviv. He has produced over 20 movies, narratives, and documentaries throughout his career. Commercials are also on his resume, and he has produced ads for McDonald's and Sega as well as Israeli companies.

Making a good movie relies on excellent camera work as much as it relies on great acting. Dror Lebendiger is also a professional cinematographer, so if you're looking for an Israeli cameraman in Tel Aviv, he should be the first one you call. He or someone from his studio will be sure to provide the top-notch camera work your production needs.

If you've already made a movie, and you want to advertise it in Israel, Mr. Lebendiger can still help you. He produces movie trailers as well as standard commercials, and can get audiences eager to see your production.

You can see samples of the work of this Israeli cameraman in Tel Aviv, or samples of his movies, by checking out the portfolio on his site. The clips will give you a great idea of what to expect from his movies, TV series, and documentaries. Take a look at the "advertising" section to see his ad work, too.

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